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Welcome to WeMakeStuff. We are artists and innovators, rallying together to document what creative people are doing across Canada. While sharing a passion for creative excellence, these artists also share a common pursuit of living a life that embodies the teachings and Spirit of Jesus Christ. Recognizing that we are both good and poor examples of Christ’s teachings, we wrestle in the realm of creativity to express ourselves and grow as people. In November 2012 we published a book featuring 100 such artists from the Vancouver area. This is a bit of our story–a story we hope you’ll find yourself a part of too.href="https://vimeo.com">Vimeo</a>.</p>

Language is imperfect. We’ve struggled to articulate what we’re about and why we exist – important thoughts that are difficult to put into words, especially for a group of artists whose first language may not be verbal. It might have been easier to express this through a short film, painting, song or photograph. But imperfections aside, here’s our best effort at expressing our reason for being.


WeMakeStuff exists to affirm the vocation of Canadian artists and innovators by documenting what the Creator is already doing through creative people.


1. WeMakeStuff
Not to state the obvious, but it’s what we do. We think making stuff is really important.

2. WeMakeExcellentStuff
The pursuit of excellence requires time, courage and the permission to make mistakes. We embrace the disciplines of the creative practice, along with the accompanying pain and euphoria.

3. WeMakeStuff from an awareness of something larger than ourselves
We believe we are both spiritual and physical beings designed to live in transparent relationship with God the Creator, who is Spirit. We seek to embrace the actionable love and grace of Jesus.

4. WeMakeStuff with others
We are motivated by friendship and genuine connection, seeking to rally community. Our actions are centered in mercy and reconciliation. This means opening hospitable dialogue in unexpected places.

Between the pages of WeMakeStuff there is something scandalous.  An attitude of insubordination to the status quo of keeping our vulnerable parts to ourselves. Artists have a unique way of bearing the nerve endings of their inner most struggles and joys. Public vulnerability as a career—an artist. The truth in art, is that when the focus is greater than self indulgent release, that is where it means something. To be vulnerable is, most often, an ugly thing. The one hundred artists featured in our first volume are honoured as brave enough to create in a world where many things just seem to die.

Faith makes all things possible. This book was not a short labour, rather a heavy idea rolling around in someone’s head. David Vandas, our publisher, was the carrier of this vision for quite some time. After nearly 8 years he has seen this project come to life. It is more than a book. It is a tangible monument to the relationship of the Creator, artist and spectator.

Upon completion of design and printing of the book, we honoured our artists at a book launch party, gathering them into a supernova of brilliant creativity. At the Vancouver Olympic Village, artists met, reconnected and had a truly memorable night.

We toured with the book to many Lower Mainland communities (New Westminster, Coquitlam, Langley, Abbotsford, UBC) and proudly presented event after event. It was like a travelling art exhibit, with many of the featured artists making appearances.

That was our beginning, and here we are, still far from the end! Whether you experience our website or book, please consider yourself invited to partake in this unfolding project with us. We exist in hopes of making the world more beautiful, not only through paint and pencil, but through relationship.